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What is Stikbold!?

Short story; it's dodgeball.
Slightly longer story; it's similar to dodgeball.
Long story; it's a variant of dodgeball, with added player controlled events. When you're out, you get to hurl stuff onto the court, allowing you to influence the outcome of the game. Each arena has it's own specific events, to add that little extra flavour to the game.

Stikbold! is first and foremost a local multiplayer dodgeball game heavily inspired by the 70's, back when tacky was cool and there were no such thing as bad style. We wanted to pay homage to the great athletes of the time, saluting the sportsmanship of an era where everything was a little bit more groovy.

Stikbold! is coming to PC and we are working on getting it to one or more consoles as well.

What does Stikbold! mean?

The name is taken from a Danish free-for-all variant of dodgeball, since the original game jam prototype was each man for his own. During development the game has evolved into something more, including teams, free-for-all, bots and a variety of arenas. Roughly translated the name means stingball, and we'd like to think that it's named after the sting you feel when an opponent hits you dead-on on a bare piece of skin. It's not exclusive to our part of the world, though, and is known by many other names.

Wait, so this is a game jam game?

Yes and no. We made the original in less than 48 hours at Nordic Game Jam 2013 to the theme "Grotesque". We made a fun little game where up to 10 mullet-flaunting guys, started throwing a single ball around in a gym. The idea was to make it look rather bland and uneventful, until all of a sudden a ball cannon spawned, adding lot and lots of balls to the battle. At the next tier, the outer rim would fall of the court, transforming the level into a platform in the middle of the ocean, where whales would jump onto the court. The final tier would launch the platform into space and respawning would no longer be possible, ending the game with sudden death. We also had a trumpet, that blared the most awesome mariachi tune when you picked it up. It did nothing else than make you feel awesome, while everyone else tried to make the noise stop. It was, in fact, grotesque.

What happened after Nordic Game Jam?

A lot of stuff. We won Best Game Created With Unity in Killscreen Magazine & OUYA's CREATE competition. We went to Casual Connect, received funding from a couple of local programs for game development, which has allowed us to do a whole year of full time development. The game has evolved a great deal during that time and we've built a company around the game, aiming to make a lot more in the future.

Weren't this going to be on OUYA at some point?

Yes, that was the plan for the original prototype. Since then the project has snowballed, both in size and scope, so at this point we're still looking into the potential scope of Stikbold!. We love what OUYA is doing, but we also need to consider the more serious aspects of making games, which includes paying rent, salaries and taxes - and at this point, so much has been invested into Stikbold!, not just from us, but from partners and friends, that we want to use it to build a foundation for Reign Bros taking the route that makes most sense both financially and structurally.

What platforms are you releasing on then?

PC is a given, since that's where we can venture on our own. We'd love to do consoles, but to do that we need to partner up with Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. We'd probably have to pick one of them, since the size of our team makes it harder to do a simultaneous launch. We're in the process of flagging them down, but as an indie startup it's hard to get the attention of the right people, without any prior releases.

When are you releasing Stikbold!?

The core game is pretty much finished. We have a hilarious local multiplayer game, where you hurl whales at your friends. We are in the progress of adding a Singleplayer/Co-op part to the game, really expanding on the feel, the look and the overall experience. The game is already mad fun as it is, but there is great potential in the universe and setting that has grown from Stikbold!, and we want to explore that even further, and this will require both time and additional funding. Also, the process of creating a console version can be very time consuming, so that's a factor too. Long story short; If we can get the means to do even more, we will. Either way we are aiming to release a great game in 2015. Stay tuned.

Wait, so the singleplayer experience is tacked on?

Yes and no. Half of our budget has been focused on the development of the Stikbold!-universe and the story, so it's by no means just glued onto the existing multiplayer game. The development of the universe and the characters rubs off on the multiplayer part, creating more vibrant personalities and variety within our character gallery. It has allowed us to create a wide selection of playable and unlockable characters with their own distinct personalities.

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